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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photoshop CS5 tutorial- Auto blend and Auto align command

Adobe has added the Auto blend and Auto align layer tools in Photoshop CS4. These tools are very much useful. In a composite image this tools are used stitch or combine . Multiple image can be brought together to make an image of extended depth. From now on because of having this kind of tools you can take a number of snaps an can blend them to make a nice image. This images when joined are all focused and joined very precisely in one. 

Sometimes you don't get what you need in a single shot. For photographers this tools are amazing to work with.
Take a number of shots . And you will be able to merge these images into one. It looks very natural. To my surprise! I don't know how this tool does this so but I love to use this tool very much. Here in this tutorial I have clearly discussed about this two tools' use.

Working procedure

For using these tools You must have the image split into separate parts . That means you have to keep the each image in each layers. Then you have to select the layers which you want to be  blended or aligned. If you want to join the all the layers then select all the layers. The layer box lies generally at the lower right of the screen.
For selecting layers press and hol Ctrl (command for MAC) and click on the desired layers. You will see that the layers are selected. (For basic knowledge about layers go to : Photoshop tutorial for beginners 1-8)

Photoshop CS5

Now let us talk about the Auto blending and Auto aligning tool 

Auto blending layers

After selecting the layers go to Edit > Auto-blend layers . Then you will find two options Panorama and Stack images

Auto blending layers


We were dealing with the images which are broken into several layers. But what Panorama does is to make an unbroken view of surrounding region. This tool is selected as default. And I feel much ease working with this option.

Stack images

Actually Stack creates a piling which is rectangular or cylindrical. I don't like it using unless it is a must. It arranges the images like books in the library with the images partly merged with each other.

Auto aligning layers

After selecting the layers select the edit > Auto aligning layers And a dialogue box will open.

Auto aligning layers

There are certain options in the box. Default option is Auto. Let us talk about them.


Determine the best projection automatically. It  could not detect camera metadata. I think it is okay with what kinda work I do. But you must experiment.


Only allow perspective image transform. Could not detect camera metadata. 


Allow image rotation, scale and translation. Could not detect camera metadata.


Only allow cylindrical image transform. Could not detect camera metadata.


Only allow spherical image transform. Could not detect camera metadata.

Re position

Only allow image translation. Could not detect camera metadata.

This were the tools involved in the Auto blending and Auto aligning options. The use of these tools are shown practically in the Video. Please go through the video and if finding any problem contact me by commenting .


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